Green Travel Tips


It is kind to think about the earth and how one’s actions can impact on it.  In African terms: it is our duty to care for each other.  We have formulated some tips that may stimulate your ideas regarding Green Travel.  Please forward more greening tips to


Your stay
• Guesthouse amenities: ensure not to waste – take small opened and used bottles with you
• Flower watching:  order a rooibos tea flask and a picnic basket from your guesthouse, instead of buying products stored in all kind of waste materials
• If not necessary to change your sheets every day, be water conscious and kindly inform your guesthouse
• Make sure the heating and lighting is turned off whenever you leave your room
• Bio-friendly: Select biodegradable toiletries to reduce the impact on the environment


Your drive
• Take a short health walk instead of driving, wherever you can
• Travel together: Fewer cars cars on the road don’t just save money, it means less CO2 emissions – if suitable, share transportation with other guests
• You may find it interesting to experiment and rent an fuel alternative vehicle
• Route directions: use a GPS or print out our maps – getting lost will not just frustrate you, it will use unnecessary petrol


Your purchases
• Support the local community and economy: use local produce or farmers markets
• Your footprint: Local products require less transportation, storage and packaging – protect life on earth
• Rather buy intriguing handmade recycled curios, instead of mass production objects
• Reduce the use of small package material, select one big item where possible
• If you‘ve subscribe to a newspaper: try to recycle it – either by using it to clean windows or to donate your newspapers to schools, or a recycle organization


Your habits
• If you are a smoker, at least try to take longer breaks before the next one, or to involve yourself in an intriguing activity – or try a peppermint! 
• Protect our fynbos by putting your buds in allocated containers. 
• Cigarette filters are not biodegradable and contain cellulose acetate, a type of plastic that has a negative impact on our environment. Besides considering smoking less while travelling, treat your cigarette butts as litter – bin your butt!
• Less Meat: Many people don’t realize the impact that the meat industry has on our natural environment. Not all have to be vegetarians, but you can make a choice with each meal you have.
• Make it a habit to find re-use options for used containers
• Craft  with re-cycled items


Let’s take care!