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What to do...

Walk: 2 min from Crystal Lagoon Lodge

  • Stroll along the boardwalk
    … a West Coast promenade, not a Seapoint prominade!
  • Beach-walk, so pleasureable when it is low tide
  • Visit the Peter Lindenburg Model Car exhibition
  • Lunch at Isabella Niehaus’s Duinhuis

Walk: 10 min from Calypso beach

  • Marcs Beachbar
  • Boesmanland Farm Kitchen
  • Mykonos yacht harbour
  • Spa treatments: Mykonos, Laguna Mall or Langemeer
  • Harley Davidson rides from Mykonos Agora
  • Mykonos Casino
  • Watersport

Drive: 5 min from Calypso Beach

  • Laguna Mall: Woolworths, PicknPay, Checkers, Brights, Spur, Laundromat, Post&Print, hairdresser, beauty salon, nail parlour, MTN, Vodacom, Langemeer service station (3 garages in Langebaan environment)
  • Strandloper, open-air seafood beach restaurant.

Drive: 15 min from Crystal Lagoon Lodge or Raaswater

  • West Coast National Park on the edge of Langebaan
  • West Coast National Park: birdhides
  • Sharkbay: a relaxing walk at the southern section of the lagoon
  • Wildflower viewing: July-October. Posberg Nature Reserve opens 1 Aug-30 Sept to the public for wildflower viewing.
  • Kraalbay is a serene little bay in the park with crystal-clear shallow waters. These dazzling waters sparked Crystal Lagoon Lodge’s name.
  • For a superb lagoon view, walk to the small hill in Langebaan overlooking Sharkbay accessible via Melkbosslot Road.