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Honey Moon Destination

Crystal Lagoon Lodge loves romance...

enjoy innovative ways to highlight special celebrations.

  • Special orders can be placed to make your loved one (and yourself!) feel super-special. For instance, you can’t get more romantic than rose petal turndowns or honeymoon brunches in bed!
  • Classic Photoshoot opportunities – either bring your professional photographer or videographer, or we can arrange a shoot with our standby photographer around the corner.
  • ‘Walk with the Waves’ – Make way not only for special memories but planning your dreams to unfold a whole new life.
  • ‘Tea session in the Mermaids Cave’ – As romance is a celebration of a new life together, our in-house therapist has special tips about what to expect from the magic of the road ahead.
  • ‘Sip up Langebaan Lagoon’ – Water symbolises purification, wisdom, power, grace and music. And here, surrounded by water, you have the ideal inspiration for looking at your new reality creatively. Experience water on your doorstep and use it as a metaphor for creating beneficial mind patterns!

Ask Crystal Lagoon Lodge to highlight your special celebration.

Romantic orders

  • Rose Petal Turndowns
  • First Night Celebration decor
  • Honeymoon Brunches in bed
  • Sunset Cocktails

Request a quick classic photoshoot with our photographer on standby, even casually:

  • Sunset shoots on the roof or deck
  • Photoshoots of yourselves at our renowned spiral staircase frame
  • Frame yourself with the round circle wall panels
  • Under the arch on the deck

‘Walk with the Waves’

Collect special memories and plan your dreams to enter a magical life

  • Early morning beach walks
  • Late-night strolls on the beachfront boardwalk

Celebrate romance with a ‘Tea session in the Mermaids Cave’

  • Request special tips on the road ahead from our in-house therapist
  • Book an immunity tea session in the symbolic underworld where all magic is being created!

‘Sip up Langebaan Lagoon’

  • Meditate about purification
  • Meditate about the wisdom required to achieve a sense of harmony in the dance with your loved one
  • Meditate about the nourishing power of rain in a herb garden, and the beautiful rise of new creation
  • Write a 2-liner poem about ‘quenching the inner thirst’ of your loved one
  • Make music while listening to the tide of waves
  • Let your innovation and creativity wander, think of a variety of roads to approach things