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West Coast Life

West Coast Life – The Company

Reservation and coordination company West Coast Life is the proud owner of West Coast jewel, Crystal Lagoon Lodge in Langebaan, as well as the sought-after Raaswater at Club Mykonos resort.

Specialising in rental optimisation of properties meeting special, unique or outstanding criteria, we’ve become highly adept at creating spaces that literally envelop guests with comfort. To this end, we combine texture, colour composition and innovation to provide our visitors with a great sensory experience during their stay.

After opening our doors in 2003, we embarked on a variety of projects. One of these was initiating and compiling the first official colour guide of the West Coast for the West Coast tourism bureau. Our track record also includes project management of many large weddings, as well as conferences for the Western Cape premier over the years.

We look forward to hosting you soon! Follow us on Instagram to ensure you receive one of our latest ‘addictions’ or better yet, stand a chance to win a free weekend at one of our sought-after retreats.

West Coast Life – The Culture

Historically a fishermen community, some of the fishermen’s unpretentious ways have remained an intrinsic part of West Coast life. Which is why a West Coast breakaway offers the epitome of a laid-back and thoroughly relaxing adventure.

Boasting countless quaint restaurants, historical sites and exciting activities, the cultural encounters nevertheless remain tops. Thus you’ll walk away with unforgettable memories. And it won’t be long before you return for more.

West Coast Life – The Coastal line

Although a trip from Yzerfontein to Velddrif on the R27 is an estimated 80 km, the same trip following the coastal line with its lagoon and inlets would be more than 1 000km!

The natural aquamarine lagoon of Langebaan is a result of water that broke through the West Coast heads of Saldanha Bay centuries ago – a natural wonder where no river flows into the sea or feeds the lagoon. Langebaan Lagoon is one of only three or four sea lagoons in the world. It’s gigantic: 17 km long. By comparison, the Knysna lagoon is only 3 km long.

The seven islands of the Langebaan lagoon, including its peninsula, host a vast array of bird life. This adds to the contemplative pleasure of sunsets and sundowners while watching the many flocks flying home to their island life.